M²Convert for Smartphones

M²Convert for Smartphones 2.0

An easy-to-use tool to convert your DVDs into Smartphone-compatible videos
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M²Convert for Smartphones is an efficient tool to convert your DVDs and other video files into a format that you can play and enjoy in your Smartphone. You can convert a full DVD, or just part of it, into MP4, WMV, or 3GP, which allows you to enjoy it also in a large number of other portable devices. Customize the size and quality of the output file according to your preferences.

When using a DVD as the source video, M²Convert for Smartphones offers you the possibility of converting either the whole disc or just selected video streams. If different languages and/or subtitles are available, you will be able to select the ones you prefer for each video title. This dialogue also includes a preview window to help you choose the right chapters and titles you want to convert.

With this efficient tool you can convert almost any video file into a Smartphone-compatible video stream – AVI, ASF, MOV, MPEG, OGG, DivX, FLV, are only some of the supported formats. You can even load audio files (like MP3, WAV, and WMA) and create video streams with them.

M2Convert for Smartphones includes very simple settings to adjust the quality and the size of the output file - high, medium, and low are the three levels of quality you can choose from. The size options vary depending on the output format selected, but they all include an “Auto Size” option that will adjust the size to the selected quality setting. When converting into MP4, you have to decide between small (160x128) and large displays (320x240), according to the size of the mobile phone to be used.

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  • A wide variety of video formats supported
  • Output files compatible with a large number of other portable devices


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